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Are we approaching the point of no return?
Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, is one of the world’s most accurate predictors, and his outlook for our country is bleak.
While democracy and free enterprise is without question the finest governmental concept that has ever been developed, it is most unfortunate that historically these types of government last only about two centuries before collapsing. The reason is that it does not take long before the citizens figure out that they can vote themselves largess at the expense of others.
We are already there. Unlike generations past when citizens and immigrants from around the world took advantage of the incredible opportunities the United States offered, today they are insisting of another type of opportunity – something for nothing at the expense of that dwindling number of citizens who our country’s producers.
Clente predicts that by 2012 we will be a “third world country” and …”there will be a revolution marked by food riots, squatter rebellions, tax revolts and job marches, and that holidays will be more about obtaining food, not gifts.”
Our government is not the solution to the problem but rather our government is the problem. More and more of our citizens simply do not have enough interest in politics to be able to cast their vote with any knowledge of what they are voting for. This was evidenced in the recent election. The electorate elected a handsome man who was one of our country’s most captivating orators, but one we know very little about other than in his abbreviated first time in the Senate he earned the dubious reputation of being the most liberal member of the entire Senate, always voted the Party line, and introduced no significant legislation. He had a brief and undistinguished period of being in the Illinois legislature. He served as a “community organizer” and had little to show for that. He had close associations with numerous questionable characters throughout his career and, were he not exempted by being the President Elect, he would not even be able to pass a top security investigation.
Under normal circumstances our country could survive 4 years of any administration. The Carter administration is a prime example of this. However, if Obama is able to get through even a few of his promises, we will be in deep trouble and our country as we know it will be a thing of the past. He will appoint judges that do not interpret the law or our Constitution, but rather ones who make law and chip away at our Constitution.
I hope that this is one of Clenete’s mistaken predictions, but all indications point to another accurate one.
There is always the possibility that Obama may be totally different from what the indications are. We all should pray that is the case. But his entire campaign was built upon “change.” We are already seeing things that point to the contrary. The vast majority of his top advisors and announced appointees are from the Clinton administration and other Washington “insiders.” What kind of change will that bring?

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